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Chinese Language and Culture Enrichment Program
About the Program -

The progam caters for children age 2 to 8 years.  It is suitable for children who are learning Chinese for the first time, or for children who have some exposure to the language already.

The curriculum for this program is age appropriate, fun and engaging. 

Storytime, puppets, songs, nursery rhymes, colourful visual aids and flashcards, and lots of repetition are some of the approaches used to enhance the children's learning experience.  

Language -

Basic Chinese phrases such as ni hao (hello), zai jian (goodbye), xie xie (thank you),  are introduced and used frequently.

Colours and Numbers are also introduced regularly throughout the year to reinforce their learning experience.

The children will also learn to describe the familiar world around them verbally in Chinese, such as their personal identity, their family, their friends, their emotions, animals and pets, and the weather just to name a few.

For the older children, they will learn to recognise the basic characters, and how to write basic strokes and simple characters.  The phonetic system of Hanyu Pinyin will be used in conjunction as well.

Culture - 

Some of the topics include:

  • Festivals (Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, Mooncake Festival)
  • Cuisine (yum char, the art of making Chinese Tea)
  • Chinese Opera
  • Chinese dress (also known as cheongsam)
  • Feet Binding
  • Imperial Palace and Imperial family
  • Customs and traditions (baby's first month, chinese wedding)
  • Chinese Zodiac


Little Tykes class  -

On this level, the children will get to learn some simple Chinese songs and rhymes through music and movement. 

They will also get to listen to some easy readers. 

It will be a small group of no more than 5, so that every child gets adequate attention.

Parents or carers need to stay on with their children to be part of the learning experience.


Kinder Age class -

On this level, the curriculum builds on from the previous level.

Chinese songs,

PLUS Storytime,

PLUS - Introduction to basic Chinese characters (recognition and orally).


Prep and Primary Age class  -

On this level, the curriculum builds on from the previous level.

Chinese songs,

PLUS Storytime,

PLUS Expanding basic Chinese characters and vocabulary (recognition and orally),

PLUS Culture Exposure,

PLUS Writing - basic strokes and theme-based vocabulary, and learn the phonetic system of Hanyu Pinyin.

They will also learn to form simple sentences, orally and written format through various activities.









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